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What is RAW footage?

Raw footage needs to be edited to create a highlight video, or other style of wedding film. That's right, it is un-edited footage, straight out of camera. To help you gain a better understanding of raw footage, I've created the ultimate blog post! If you are a bride, you require a wedding videographer to ensure that your wedding video is just perfect, but at Your Big Wedding Day, I offer your RAW footage as an add-on. Here is everything that you need to know about raw footage.

Two brides holding hands during ceremony

A Misconception

When many people in the film industry say 'RAW footage', they mean something different. They are often talking about a raw file format. This is also what photographers mean when they say the word 'RAW'. If a videographer shot your wedding in this type of raw file format, it would literally be like capturing 24 individual raw photos every second! These files are truly HUGE, they wouldn't fit on the 250GB hard drives I deliver my RAW footage on. Today's professional photo cameras can hardly capture 20 raw images in 1 second, let alone trying to do that continually for an hour... your camera would catch fire! But no worries, this is not what any wedding videographer is talking about when they say 'RAW'. We simply mean to say 'unedited video, straight out of camera.' That way our computers don't explode when we try to edit your video.

Why would you want a final video AND the RAW footage?

Well, I try to keep your RAW's in my possession for at least 3 years. This is in case you want a new edit of the highlight film, possibly with new music, or if you were to somehow lose all of your copies of your highlight film, I'd have you covered! Another reason would be to simply sell you the RAW's to keep for yourself, not something you have to do upfront, you could get them from me up to 3 years after your wedding!

Raw Footage

In the simplest of words, if you wanted your RAW footage, I'd give it to you on a 250GB hard drive because unedited 4k video files are large. Any wedding edit I make for you relies on the RAW footage. It allows for just about every type of content to be created when it comes to ISO, white balance, and color. However, I can make a custom package for you, so if you wanted me to film your wedding, but you wanted to edit it yourself, I would totally understand! For that you would need the RAW's.

The post-production part is where most of my hours, and in return, your investment, can pile up. Feel free to ask me about options for me to shoot your wedding, but not edit it, I'm happy to answer any question you have! Of course, I recommend allowing me to edit the footage for you, as I will give my all to deliver the highest quality final-edit money can buy!

Requires CPU Power to Edit

Since raw 4k video footage can be dense with information, it is not easy to edit on most laptops. The file size tends to be large, so an external hard drive is recommended, which is why you need dedicated equipment for processing the footage and putting it to good use. Massive computational power is required for processing the footage with creative edits/layers of text/color correcting and grading. Most computers don't have a good enough graphics card in them for all of these tasks being done together. However, there is no need to worry as I am here for you.


To make sure that your wedding day is remembered and celebrated for years to come, you need to ensure that the raw footage is edited. Once I have captured the entire event, from the ceremony to the wedding reception, I will weave everything together to ensure that the video allows you to look back to one of the most important days of your life.

Attending your own wedding can be overwhelming. There is a lot that you have on your plate. This makes it difficult for you to notice all the special moments that took place. Fortunately, you can look back at them once the raw footage has been edited. It allows you to look at things that you would otherwise not have even noticed on your big day. Take a look at how each guest including your family and friends reacted to the occasion and how they looked. The final edited cut makes all the difference.

Through wedding videography, the raw footage will be processed to capture your loved ones in the best light. Whether you plan on inviting your cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, or childhood friends to your wedding.

If you want to share the wedding video online, I can also create a short promo using the raw footage. You can send the video to people who did not attend the wedding so that they know what went down and how you looked walking down the aisle.

When you choose a base package for your wedding, I will capture the entire event and create a highlight video that you can watch and look back at the big day. I also provide other add-ons if you want more. In case you want to edit the video yourself or keep it for safekeeping, I can send you the raw files.

As I always shoot everything in 4K, you can rest assured knowing that you would get a high-quality video. In order to provide you with the raw footage, I can have it sent to you at your desired address. I will send the raw footage on a hard drive as it will be large.

Now that you know everything about raw footage, all you need to do is contact me to be your wedding videographer! I know how to transform the video so that you come to love it.


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