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Why you need wedding videography!!

One of the best decisions that you can make as a bride is hiring a wedding videographer for your big day. The truth is that photography is just not enough. If you do not have a wedding videographer, you won't capture the entirety of the event. It's a big day and you'll have so much on your mind! I make films as a return ticket to moments otherwise gone. This is why you should not overlook booking a company like Your Big Wedding Day. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons to help explain why a wedding videographer is necessary.

Wedding video editing on a macbook pro

The Ultimate Wedding Keepsake

Once the wedding day is done, you will be left with memories of the special moments. From the carved wine glasses to the vow rugs or the many gifts, these tangible things only go so far as to spark memories of your big day. On the other hand, video footage is unbeatable and makes for the perfect keepsake. It transports you back to the happiest day of your life, with music and laughs and cinematic angles!

Alleviates Wedding Day Stress

Having a wedding videographer by your side ensures that you have nothing to worry about. I make sure that everything runs smoothly. In fact, you can count on me to handle your stress so that you can focus on enjoying your big day. You cannot rely on your loved ones to capture each moment using their phone. With a videographer, you get high-quality results that'll last a lifetime. (I also hold onto all raw footage for a few years just in case you decide you want it or if you'd like a re-edit down the road, or if you lose all of your copy's of the highlight video!)

Enjoy an Unplugged Ceremony

As you need to participate in all the celebrations on your big day, it is important that you hire a videographer. Everything will go by in the blink of an eye. Besides, your guests should also be completely present. They should not have to capture snippets of the event as I am here for that. Instead, they should be living it up with you so that everyone can enjoy the big day. Have an unplugged ceremony when you get a wedding videographer.

Capture the Entirety of the Event

Another reason why you require wedding videography is that it ensures that the entirety of the event is captured. Photographs simply can't capture ALL the emotions, the movement, and how your big day unfolds. There are so many parts of the day that you should be able to hear.

With wedding videography, it is possible to listen to your spouse say their vows to you. Nothing beats a video that focuses on capturing every single detail of the event. You could even get to listen to your friends and family giving a speech about the bond that you share. The sounds and voices are too precious to ignore. Hence, wedding videography is essential. (Let me know what all you'd like from your wedding videography package and I will custom build a package for you!)

Share the Experience with Loved Ones Who Could Not Attend

Not everyone you invite to your wedding would be able to attend. However, they deserve to know how things went down. For instance, your grandparents might be too old to travel for your wedding. This is why it makes sense to hire a wedding videographer.

Wedding videography allows you to share the wedding video so that all your loved ones who could not attend are able to get more than a glimpse of everything. They would get to see who attended, how everyone looked, listen to what type of music was played, and watch you walk down the aisle.

Allow You to Watch Moments You Missed

As you cannot see everything that happens on your wedding day, you need to have video footage that you can play. It would ensure that you notice moments that you overlooked or were too busy to see. Both you and your partner need to be able to see everything that occurred. It is something that a wedding videographer can help you out with. Soak up each and every single moment and experience things from the eyes of a guest. It will allow you to relive the big day in a different way. Besides, the jokes and dance moves will make you laugh and jump for joy.

Pictures do not always provide all the context. You might see a picture of everyone laughing but would not know why they are laughing. With wedding videography, you get to listen to everyone talking, the music playing in the background, and watch people move about. Besides, you would also see your spouse gasp when they look at you for the first time in the wedding dress. You would also get to watch how your spouse kissed you. In fact, a drone can also be used for capturing the beauty of the wedding venue. Pictures are just not enough.

Encapsulate the Emotions

The importance of hiring a wedding videographer who can capture raw footage and edit it cannot be stressed enough. The videographer would edit it to create an emotional video by adding the right music and using special effects to tell the story of your big day. There is nothing quite like it. When you watch the movie, you will laugh, cry, and smile. It will allow you to relive the special occasion.

Do you want to livestream any part of the wedding day? I've got you covered with that too!

Create a Family Heirloom

In addition to the above, a wedding videographer can help create a family heirloom. Similar to your photos and wedding outfits, your wedding film is a keepsake that you should pass down to your kids. It makes for an invaluable family heirloom that your descendants can turn to in order to learn more about you. Besides, the video would prove to be more personable in comparison to pictures. Obviously photos are a staple for any wedding, but I think it important to know what all you get with video! It's a world of its own! The experience you'll have a decade down the line, looking at your photographs or watching your video, I'm sure you will be so happy to have both!

Watch the Wedding Videos As Much As You Want

Even though you cannot hang the wedding video on the wall, you can watch it on your phone, laptop, or TV as many times as you want AND share all over social media! Watch how everything unfolded and keep the memory alive for as long as you want. All you would need to do to experience your big day is to put on the video. Besides, you can speak with a recently married couple who have hired a wedding videographer to find out just how important it is to hire one.

If you like the idea of have a wedding videographer, or livestreaming any part of your event, you just need to contact me to make a booking. Share your ideas with me and I will capture the perfect video and transform it just for you. For me it is storytelling, it's being personable, and it is quality camera work.


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